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ATX Power Supply:

There are six 80 Plus levels:- 80 PLUS 80-81% efficient, 80 Plus Bronze: 82-84% efficient, 80 PLUS Silver: 85-86% efficient, 80 PLUS Gold: 87-88% efficient, 80 PLUS Platinum: 89-90% efficient and Titanium 90% + efficient.

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Photo Product Manufacturer More Info
350w Intel ATX12V Supply FSP ATX-350PNR FSP Group
180w ATX Power Supply FSP180-51NI FSP Group
FSP300-60GLC 300w ATX Power Supply FSP Group
400w 12v V2.3 ATX Supply FSP400-60PFG FSP Group
500w ATX power supply FSP500-60EGA FSP Group
550w 12v ATX PSU Seventeam ST-550P-AD Seventeam
570w Supply Dual Fan Trust PW-5500 16480 Trust
FSP250-60GHT Dell LOWEST COST TFX Power Supply FSP Group
400w power supply Seventeam ST-400P-AD Seventeam
450w 12V ATX PW-5770 PW-5200 Trust 14461 Trust
370w ATX Power Supply Trust PW-5110 14885 Trust
420w ATX PSU Big Fan Trust PW-5250 14995 Trust
420w ATX Power Supply Dual Fan Trust 15316 Trust
300w power supply 80 Plus FSP300-60GHN FSP Group
350w ATX power supply FSP350-60PFG FSP Group
Emacs Zippy PSM-5760V PS2 High Efficiency 760W Zippy / Emacs
FSP300-60GHT 300w ATX Power Supply TFX FSP Group
12V V2.2 ATX Supply Seventeam ST-500EAZ Seventeam
free to change Seventeam
FSP350-60GHC 350w ATX Supply Active PFC FSP Group
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