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Phihong Authorised premier UK Distributor since 2001. UK's first stocking distributor. Products in stock and direct from the factory. See also

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Phihong POE60S-4AF 4 Port PoE + Extender
SKU:  H-001245

Phihong POE21-120H 21w PoE Ethernet Splitter
SKU:  H-001246

Phihong POE33U-1AT 33W PoE Waterproof IP67
SKU:  H-001330

Phihong PSC20R 20w Change Head Adapter
SKU:  H-001355

60w Triple Output Open Frame Supply PSA45
SKU:  H-001369

60w Four Output Power Supply PSA4541
SKU:  H-001372

Phihong POE30S-1ATG-R High PoE Extender Gigabit
SKU:  H-001384

Phihong POE21 21w PoE Ethernet Splitter
SKU:  H-001425

Phihong 60w 12v-48 Power adapter PSAA60W
SKU:  H-001452

Phihong 5w 3.3-12 Wall Plug Adapter PSA05R
SKU:  H-001490

Phihong 5v-48v Desktop Adapter PSAA15W
SKU:  H-001495

PSAC30U-050L6 20W 5V 4A Desktop Phihong
SKU:  H-001804

Phihong POE61U-560D 60w PoE Injector
SKU:  H-001930

Phihong POE61U-560DG 60w POE Injector
SKU:  H-001931

Phihong POE61W-560DG 60W PoE Injector
SKU:  H-001932

Phihong POE61W-560D 60w PoE Injector
SKU:  H-001933

PSAC30U-120L6 30W 12v 2.5A Desktop Phihong
SKU:  H-001941

POE480U-8UP-R 4 Port Gigabit Midspan Phihong

POE75U-1UP-N 75w POE Adapter Phihong

POE16S-1AFG Single-port PoE Ext Gigabit Phihong

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